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Good food is always appreciated as a gift,especially for Christmas. Often we like to buy  special gifts for special people and we end up purchasing  the same bottle of wine or champagne. So what we can ad to make your gift memorable?

Here some ideas of products to put together in a basket or alone, for singles or families:

Porchetta Toscana Piacenti oven roasted – 3 Kg CAD 140/ea

Marinated for two days and two nights with the most scented herbs and exquisite spices.Slowly cooked for more than 10 hours.According to the oldest Tuscan gastronomic tradition,  Roasted Porchetta Piacentiis brined with a mix of rosemary, black and white pepper, garlic, Grecian laurel, sage and wild juniper berries (typical of Tuscan Mediterranean scrubwoods), that are the secret of its exclusive taste and intense scent.

Suggested wine: Cannonau from Sardinia

Finocchiona Toscana Piacenti oven roasted – 3,5 Kg CAD 150/ea

A Tuscan typical and traditional product, with a fresh scent of aromatic herbs.

The Finocchiona is softer than the Tuscan salami,
thanks to the use of more fresh belly meat in the mixture.

“The story of Finocchiona started in the Middle Ages when,
due to the high price and scarcity of black pepper,
butchers introduced wild fennel seeds.”

Suggested wine: Sinopie Chianti DOCG by Colognole 2015

Prosciutto di Parma Venegoni from 5 to 7 Kgs. CAD 40/Kg.

Staying true to the traditional regional methods of producing delis over the years, Venegoni offers a wide choice of products spanning from fresh products to seasoned sausages, cooked hams and salami, mortadelle, coppe, pancetta, lards and Parma ham.
Today just as in the past Venegoni only favours meats sourced from the inside slaughter that takes place twice a week for its production.





Aged Pecorino Cheese with Truffle from Tuscany

Pecorino cheese, perhaps one of the more popular and common in the area, is produced from 100% whole sheep milk and it is a culinary delight which has been gracing tables since the Etruscans. There are several types of cheese that are made from a mix of cow, goat and sheep milk, that you will find from all over Tuscany and then there are those cheeses that are made strictly from sheep’s milk that carry the D.O.P. symbol for quality.