Workshop – Extra Virgin Olive oil: How to recognize the real one.

Friday April 4, 2014 at Pura vita Natural Store 6pm – $ 10.

Workshop – Extra Virgin Olive oil: How to recognize the real one.

The olive oil in your pantry, the one imported with a misleading and inaccurate label from the Mediterranean areas or from South America and California is most likely a scam. 70% of the extra-virgin olive oil sold in the world is fake (cut with cheaper oils and stabilized with chemicals).

How to Tell if Your Olive Oil is Fake: The Blind Test.

We will blassaggio-olio-11ind-test  5 of best-selling brands of extra virgin olive oil and 3 family farm made Superior extra virgin olive oils from Italy sensory assessing the color, the aroma (fruitiness), the bitterness and the pepperiness of each one. You may want to write down some notes so at the end of the tasting section we will discuss the different characteristics detected.

Before the test we will introduce you to basic information about Olive Oil:

Are olives fruits or vegetables?

Where are olives grown?

How is olive oil produced?

What are the differences among extra virgin olive oil, ordinary olive oil, and “light” olive oils?

What is the difference between filtered and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil?

Are all extra virgin olive oils the same?

What are the nutritional components?

What makes olive oil a superior product to other oils?

Can olive oil be used to replace butter and margarine in recipes?

How do you store olive oil?

Can olive oil be used in baking recipes that call for butter, margarine, vegetable oil or shortening?

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