Special Recipe from my hometown (Lucca)

Zuppa di Farro alla Lucchese (Lucca’s Spelt Soup)

zuppa farro

The  Zuppa di Farro (Spelt Soup)  is a true institution of Tuscan cuisine.

A tasty and easy recipe. This  version is lighter than the original , with less beans and more vegetables and bacon . Here’s how to make it !



200 grams of Spelt
150 grams of potato
150 grams of beans
200 grams of peeled tomatoes
100 grams of cabbage
50 grams of diced bacon
1 carrot , 1 onion and 1 zucchini
parsley , olive oil, salt and pepper

Chop all the herbs and vegetables and toss in a pan with a little oilve oil and salt.
Combine bacon, peeled and crushed tomatoes, diced potatoes. Keep going sauté over medium heat.
Add a tablespoon of chopped parsley and the drained beans , leave all simmering for a few more minutes then add 250ml of warm water. Cover with a lid.
Continue to cook for a good half hour , then whisk everything directly in the saucepan , until the mix became very smooth and creamy .
Rinse the spelt/farro and add it to the cream , bring to a boil , stirring often (about 20/25 minutes).
When cooked add some  salt and pepper and serve on ‘cotto’ plates with a drizzle of olive oil .