The Olive Oil Tasting Bar invasion…

When I moved in Canada from Lucca, Tuscany, in 2001, there was no Olive Oil Bar Stores at all: Now they are everywhere! Few of them are importing directly from the native lands of their owners, generally from Spain, Italy or Turkey but  most of these establishments are supplied by two major american wholesalers: Veronica Foods and Olive Oil Source. These companies produce oils in California with original olive varietals but with modern equipments and, obviously with different soils and altitudes. However the real E.V.O.O. , like the wine, doesn’t like  modern technology and, since rules and controls  in California are different and less strict than in Europe, most of the oils are named Tuscan, Lucca, Koroneiki, Arbosano, Coratina, etc. without the same quality of the originals.

Last note: They also invented the Bacon Flavoured Oilve Oil!